The Versatile Ninja Face Covering

Non-medical masks

All of the Versatile Ninja face coverings/masks are Handmade in Edgecomb Maine. All fabrics are washed before the ninja is created and every covering is sanitized before being packaged. Many of the materials used are made in the U.S.A. and sourced locally. 

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Explore all Masks or Scroll down to peruse through our collections below to see our ready to wear non-medical masks. Current retail collections include The Pixie, The Mullet, The Original, and The POP. The Lumber Jack is custom order only at this time. 

The Original

The Original Versatile Ninja offers full coverage. It fits the largest variety of faces available in one size fits most adult (recommended medium/ large faces), and one size fits most youth (recommended 3-12). Made up of 3 total cotton fabric layers (including the filter pocket) they also have a built in removable cheek to cheek nose adjustment.