Handmade bar of our handmade goat milk soap wrapped in wool, wet felted, then needle felted with unique designsThis soap weighs 3.5 oz and measures 4”X2”X1”It is a natural oatmeal with a hint of spices, made from goats milk, & olive oil.Felted soaps last 2✗ longer than traditional soap!!The felt will continue to shrink around the bar as you use it! Wool naturally dries very quickly (as long as it's not left in a pool of water) our felted soap becomes a literal soap saver! Each handmade bar will last 2✗ as long as a bare bar of soap would.When the soap inside is used up your left with a beautiful soap saver bag, just cut a slit on the top and you can refill it with a new bar. It can be refilled with small bits of soap, or add a few dabs of essential oil and toss it in the closet or drawers as a natural aroma therapy/ freshener.The benefits of felted soaps; they exfoliate the skin naturally, With proper care they never become moldy, they last longer, they’re fun to look at!We hand craft and design all of the felted soap bars we offer.After rubbing your felted soap under warm water it will begin to produce a creamy lather that's perfect for any bath or shower.Please note this wool has been naturally colored, occasionally in the first few uses you  will see some color from the wool this is normal and will stop after a few uses. 

Felted Goats Milk Soap - Carrot


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