The Versatile Ninja Mullet; This non-medical mask/face covering is reversible! Made using Premium tight weave cotton fabric, Baby yoda on one side and Hearts coordinating hearts on the other. Adjustable elastic ear loops and an UV light color changing bead for adjusting each loop. Don't like ear loops? Being the Versatile Ninja that it is you can always swap out your ear loops for the straps of your preference. Learn more HERE. Please note the Versatile Ninja Mullet does NOT have a filter pocket or nose adjustment. If you require those features check out our Versatile Ninja Original or Versatile Ninja Pops. Please remember to wash between wears, like your undergarments wearing the reverse side without washing doesn’t mean it’s clean ;-) For health and safety reasons this item is not returnable. Your satisfaction is important to me, if for any reason you have questions or concerns about your purchase please contact me.

Baby Yoda Versatile Ninja Mullet - Youth

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  • Disclaimer:
    All Versatile Ninja masks/face coverings are nonmedical. This product is not meant as a replacement for
    medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
    In matters where PPE is recomme