Wait, What?

Yes, that's right, Makery. I like to make things, I am the "maker" and my home is my Makery, my production facility. Well a fold up desk to the side of my living room, but still.  I enjoy working with a variety of mediums, my favorites? fiber arts and sewing, and perhaps sculpting. I can't resist learning a new technique and mediums, so you just never know what I might be making next. 

Fabric Coverings

3 total fabric layers including the filter pocket, removable cheek to cheek nose adjustment, versatile wear options, and machine washable. Made from top quality cotton including made in the U.S.A. material. Made in the U.S.A. elastic, and pony beads (including eco friendly options)


Custom made costumes, costume accessories, and Trick-or-treating bags. Made to fit you and the environment you'll be in. No more jacket covered costumes or perfect outfit flawed by a mismatch accessory.