Versatile Ninja Face Coverings

Because masks should adapt with you!

All of the Versatile Ninja face coverings/masks are Handmade in Edgecomb Maine. All fabrics are washed before the ninja is created and every covering is sanitized before being packaged. Many of the materials used are made in the U.S.A. and sourced locally. 

Wearing a mask in public may reduce the spread of Covid-19 and other illnesses. I offer 3 styles of masks; The Original, The POP and The Mullet. The original ninja and the ninja pop are made up of three layers of 100% cotton, including a filter pocket. They have a removable cheek to cheek nose adjustment, so no more fogging glasses. The ninja mullet is made up of two cotton layers. All of the ninja masks have side loops that make it a breeze to swap around straps to wear anyway you'd like. Each mask is inspected for quality, I am proud to have received many positive reviews from a wide variety of wearers!


Three Styles

The Original Versatile Ninja offers full coverage and fits the largest variety of faces. The original has 3 ribbon loops on each side. The Ninja pop has a pleat on both sides creating its pop feature making it pop off your mouth a little bit, similar to some 3D coverings. The pop has 2 ribbon loops on each side. Both the original and the pop have 3 total cotton fabric layers (including the filter pocket) they also have a removable nose adjustment. The Ninja Mullet is a reversible light weight covering, it has 2 cotton fabric layers and does NOT have a filter pocket or nose adjustment. The Mullet has the 3 ribbon side loops and is a "lighter" version of the original ninja. All covering are available in a one size fits most youth and one size fits most adult.I recommend the pop for teens, though older teens can fit the original adult. 

Top photo Original Ninja, Bottom right Ninja Pop, bottom left (chickadee) Ninja Mullet

True Versatility

All the best ninjas can adapt; these covering are made to be versatile because sometimes need or comfort changes. The side (ribbon) loops have been designed so that you may use laces, fabric, cording, elastic, or other chosen tie material, around your head or looped around your ears as needed/desired. 


Maintain your Ninja

(Coverings have been pre-washed to reduce shrinking)
Keep it clean! Remove pipe cleaner, and filter if using, as these need to be washed separately or 
disposed of and replaced accordingly. Using a mild detergent and warm water, Wash the covering by hand or

toss in the washing machine. Line dry or put in the dryer on low, iron with low heat if needed

(do not iron vinyl details). For best results wash in a garment bag when putting in the machines.

Reinserting pipe cleaner; because of the way these are made one side is easier to put the pipe 
cleaner back in than the other, if you’re struggling from one side try the other side of the mask. 
When the pipe cleaners are no longer holding shape/worn, replace with a new one or similar size 
wire/wire like material of your choice.


How to become a Ninja (kind of);

It is important to get the proper fit; put your covering on and pull elastic or ties to a snug but comfortable 

fit, you may need to pull up through the side (ribbon) loops to ensure the bottom adjusts equally. If needed 

adjust ties or elastic length by snipping to desired length and tying a knot(s). Press and shape the pipe cleaner to your 

nose after securely fitting your covering. Taking a few moments to ensure proper fit helps to ensure

longer wear comfort and less fidgeting while wearing.

All the best ninjas can adapt; This covering is made to be versatile because sometimes need or comfort changes. 

The side (ribbon) loops have been designed so that you may use laces, fabric, cording, elastic, or other 

chosen tie material, around your head or looped around your ears as needed/desired.


Made in USA Materials

All the coverings come with pony beads on the elastic or fabric to adjust the straps for proper and comfortable fit. I offer a white bead (made in USA) and as well as eco friendly beads.

GO GREEN! Made in New Jersey U.S.A.! These Pony Beads are made using Biobased Compostable material. They are Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable under proper composting conditions. Make a difference, GO GREEN!


Over 100 Fabric CHoices

Nautical, Woodsy, Pop Culture, Floral and much more! something to suit everyone's style! Custom and personalized options available too!


This mask (covering) is not meant as a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In matters where PPE is recommended you should consult your healthcare professional. Please remember that use of this face mask (covering) is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. The decision to use this mask (covering) is solely your own. Products with Long cords present strangulation hazards. Children should be supervised at all times with these types of products. Not intended for children under 3 years of age. Please wear with care.

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